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Live Healthy Dublin: Step 2 It Challenge!

Experience a fun, active lifestyle…one step at a time!  Once again, the City of Dublin is offering a wellness challenge to empower residents to achieve optimal health through a customized fitness program.  Join us this year for the “Step 2 It Challenge,” an exciting new way to team up with family, friends, or co-workers to get active and motivate each other to stay on track and get fit together.  In this program, all participants will receive a pedometer and work toward the same goal – counting steps. 

The “Step 2 It Challenge” will last for 10 weeks, kicking off at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival on March 16, and ending on Memorial Day weekend.  There will be two community walks during the ten week event, and participants will receive a weekly email newsletter, promoting proper nutrition and highlighting healthy recipes and motivational techniques.   We’ll wrap up the Challenge with an awards ceremony at the Dublin Farmers’ Market on Thursday, June 5. 

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