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Live Healthy Dublin: Step 2 It Challenge!

Congratulations to all of the participants of the Live Healthy Dublin “Step 2 It Challenge.”    Seventy-five teams, comprised of 350 participants, recorded nearly 152 million steps, or over 75,000 miles, during the ten week event.  The top teams in the three categories were:

“Honey, I Lost My Muffintop” (2-3 participants)

“Netas Divinas” (4-6 participants)

“We Think Fitness” (7-10 participants)


Special thanks to Kaiser Permanente, who is a major sponsor of the Live Healthy Dublin program.

The City of Dublin is also asking participants to complete a survey, in order to give us your feedback on this year’s “Step 2 It Challenge.”  The survey can be found at:


Thank you for your support!   Look for our next Live Healthy Dublin challenge to begin on Sunday, March 15, 2015!  In the meantime, keep stepping!

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